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My Favorite Fall Recipes October 17 2018

Favorite Fall Recipes from Heather Gardner jewelry
One of the best things about fall is enjoying the bounty from our organic garden here in Malibu. My husband is one of the most talented farmers I know- and real estate agents too :)  
And there's nothing quite like biting into a freshly picked vine ripened tomato.  I was recently asked to bring an appetizer to a dinner party for a friend's birthday at Paradise Cove.  It was the night they tested the rocket that launched up into the atmosphere and landed back on earth safely.  We ate amazing food (recipes included), drank some delicious wine, and walked to the bluffs to watch the show in the star studded sky.  While laughing with friends and listening to waves crashing from the ocean below, I was feeling pretty spoiled and grateful.

Fall is in the Air and our organic garden is on fire!! September 13 2018

I LOVE getting fresh vegetables from the garden.  They taste so amazing, and are wonderful to use for recipes for those amazing end of summer dinner parties or just a simple meal at home with the kids.

Summer Pesto Pizza August 28 2018

Well, summer has been good to me, as I hope it's been for you.  I am so grateful to be a California native as each sun-soaked day with the kids is filled with adventure, and trips home from the beach with sandy toes and salty hair.

However, twilight is my favorite time of the day, as everything winds down from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  The Santa Monica Mountains that surround my Malibu home burst with golden colors and I find solstice and contentment as my eyes gaze upon them.  My family loves to venture outside and breathe in the Earth's beauty as we say good night to the daylight.