Project: Jewelry Display Case


A few years back, my husband purchased an antique display case from our local thrift store... YES, there IS a thrift store in Malibu! :) It had tons of potential; with the great black paint and rusted corner metal pieces and knobs that you can see in the photo. The material on the inside was a aging blue velvet with dust all over it that was also piled up in the corners.

I realized that really the only things I needed were:

  • NAILS: Home Depot
  • CLEANING PRODUCTS/TOOLS: My cleaning drawer

I was able to bring the shine to this antique beauty.

Here is an image of the completed task... beautiful right? 


  • Wash out case
  • Pull out the vintage aging blue velvet material
  • Clean it all again from the inside out
  • Glue in the material- I used glue and tools for covering books: Paper Source
  • Nail in gold upholstery pins: Home Depot

It turned out way better than expected!!! Now to hang it up in the perfect place and put some jewelry IN and ON the display case.


The other day I was looking for nails at Home Depot again and found these amazing dark nickel nails and decided it was time for a change. (See below- the photo on the right shows the gold pins next  to the new nickel nails)

The nails are much easier to remove and replace the necklaces in the case, which I found I was doing often AND I love the dark nickel look. It is much more "Restoration Hardware", right?

The nails- or "cut tacks" as they call them (shown above) from Home Depot- under $3 a box!

I'm loving my display case even more now with my most recent DIY project- it took me about 15 minutes and $6 to change the nails and gave my case a whole new look!!


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  • Ishmel: June 11, 2015
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    I went through a stage, when I wrkeod at a craft store, where I bought every single sewing notion available to try out. Bobkins can be quite useful, and in some cases easier to pull through than a safety pin. I hadn’t come across that Clover wide bodkin though I gotta hunt that down!

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