I’m not a huge fan of watching sports on television; I’d rather be outside working out or on some type of outdoor adventure than chilling at home on the couch with the TV on as the sun is shining. However, every year, I make an exception- The Superbowl.

The draw for me is not necessarily the game, but the overall experience of seeing the best of the best; the championship game of the best football teams, the best and most creatively entertaining commercials, and a great time with friends eating tasty treats for five to six hours.

This year, I decided to bring a large gourmet salad, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream to smash in between for ice cream cookie sandwiches, and my famous Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake.

This cake has been a favorite of numerous friends for years and always a highlight of any party or BBQ I bring it to. It’s a modified version of my mother’s recipe, who has been serving it for my brother’s birthday for the last fifteen years, at his request.

I posted this image to Instagram and received so many requests for the recipe that I thought I would post so you could make for your loved ones as well and share the tasty goodness.

By Linda and Heather Gardner

Keep it simple: Use 2 yellow cake mix boxes and 2 dark chocolate frosting containers from Betty Crocker (Betty rocks by the way- people always think my cakes are homemade from scratch when I use Betty’s products!!)

Challenge yourself: Use your favorite recipe for homemade yellow cake and chocolate frosting and make it all from scratch!!  (I recommend any recipes from Martha Stewart or Cooks.com)  *Please note- this will take about 2 to 3 hours to make*

Special Diet needs: Find a vegan or gluten free recipe that suits your needs and bake away!!


  • Yellow cake mix; which will usually requires adding eggs, water, and vegetable oil
  • Dark Chocolate frosting
  • Bag of small Reese's Peanut Butter Cups- unwrapped and chopped up into small pieces with a knife or Cuisinart
  • Decorative Cake Stand

    Step 1:  Depending on how high you want to stack your cake, you will need to make two to four yellow cakes. I made three for mine.

    Step 2:  Once your cakes are made, let them cool for a few hours. Then, use a large knife to carefully slice off the tops of the cake so it is even all the way across the top. This will help with stacking the cakes.

    Step 3:  Lay one cake down on your favorite cake stand. Apply the frosting around the whole cake. Then place the next cake on top. Add a light layer of chocolate to the top and then cover the sides to match the chocolate on the bottom cake. Be sure to take your knife or specialty  frosting knife (these are way easier to use to spread frosting and can be purchased at Cost Plus or Sur la Table) to make the edges of the cake super smooth and uniform.

    Step 4:  Add a layer of the chopped Reese's over the second cake. Make sure it is thin and covers the whole top of the cake. Then add the final cake. Completely cover the cake with the majority of the frosting- you will probably use the rest of it. Smooth it over the top and the edges and then add your Reese's all over the top.

    Finishing touches: Clean the frosting off the sides of your cake stand with a damp paper towel. I like to add some of the Reese's to the bottom edge of the cake as shown in the photo for an extra gourmet look.

    Serve with your favorite ice cream or gelato and enjoy!! I prefer coffee or vanilla bean flavors.


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