We've mentioned before how blessed we are to be living in California. We have a year-round mild, sunny climate that grows all the fruits and veggies you can think of. It's not uncommon for people to have a lemon or avocado tree in their backyard. Those beautiful, sunny, yellow lemons that are such a wonderful household staple. There's always a neighbor you can count on to have an abundance of fresh fruit that they're often eager to share. In our case, we are those neighbors!

In summer, our fruit and vegetable garden basks in all its glory. There's gorgeous green basil, full, ripe, red tomatoes, cucumbers and much more. We love growing our own veggies and the farm-to-table lifestyle it sustains. And there's nothing better than having friends over, having the table beautifully decked out and sharing this glorious food!


A Glorious Palette

Fresh strawberries

It's Fig Season!

Berries Galore

Just one of the yummy results


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