Beautiful Fall Mornings in Malibu, California October 01 2018

California often times gets a bad rap for being a state without the fall season.  That is definitely not true, and it actually depends on where you are in the Golden State.  There are plenty of regions where you can witness stunning changes in the leaves of our native Sycamore trees.  However, just along the coast, you will not see too many color changes of yellow, orange, red or deep purple, like you would in Aspen or the East Coast.

But what you will find along our coastline is a new type of "filter" that seems to be placed over the sun.  Everything looks crisp and the ocean's color is a fantastic shade of deep blue.  Often, from the Malibu Headlands at Point Dume, you can see with clarity the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles and her mountains just beyond. Summer's haze over the Pacific is blown away by the Santa Ana winds and you are left with a majestic view that millions of tourists and locals alike treasure.

Heather Gardner Jewelry Malibu Trail Run Photograph

And when there's swell, the view is even more incredible.  One autumn morning when I went for a trail run at my favorite spot, I took photos of the overhead waves rolling into shore.  The clouds were resting on the Santa Monica Mountains and the sun began to warm the earth.  It was a perfect fall morning in Malibu, my home.

I'm realizing now as I write this, that I have been running this trail now for almost 20 years.  Each time I am on the path, I am in awe at the sweetness of life.  There were many personal things that have happened to me these last 5 years that have been stealing the joy out of my life, and I have allowed them to at times.  Those moments have passed by, and I look back with regret,  now setting the intention each day to be the best version of myself each day.  It's morning like this one, where I push myself to run up the sandy trail and finally reach the hilltop I remember what life is worth living for.  It's really in the simple things- like the views in these images.  It's family... it's love... it's forgiveness... it's humility and sacrifice for others... it's holding my little ones in my exhausted arms and thanking God for their health and strong minds.

heather Gardner Jewelry Malibu Fall Weather at Point DumeThis is what inspires me to create the jewelry that I do.  To keep waking up each day with the motivation to give it my best, to create a life that will leave a legacy.  To take in all the beauty around me and expose my children to their surroundings so that they don't grow up taking it all for granted.  

I hope that you will find inspiration in nature around you. Sometimes, we are so busy and our life's pace is so fast, that we don't have time to stop and really see- truly see- the beauty that is along our life's trail.  We miss it because we are focused on things that don't really matter.  Things that will fade and wither away like the leaves on fall trees.  

Let's not let our beautiful lives pass us by. Let us not be so busy watching or wondering about our "friends'" lives on social media that we forget to relish in the reality of our own world.  

Life is a gift.  You can make your life what you want it to be. Don't have regrets... leave a legacy.  Start today.  

xx HG  

PS... I picked this bouquet just for you.  

Heather Gardner Jewelry Malibu Fall Weather at Point Dume