Small Ethiopian Base Metal Boho Necklace



If you love the look of the Ethiopian Base Metal Necklace, but the large one is just a bit to heavy or dramatic for you, opt for this smaller necklace.  The size makes it easier to blend with layering jewelry that is not very large.


  • We love to layer it with our Swarovski Crystal layers and mix it up some days with a larger necklace.  You can also wear a brass and silver one together if you prefer.
  • Wear as necklace OR a bracelet!


  • Each necklace comes as is from Ethiopia- on string with a string knot at the top.  There is no leather wrapping, so if you want a special finish to the top, you will need to custom order one by emailing us.
  • Necklaces are imported from Ethiopia and are offered in Brass and Silver-tone only.  Length and shape may vary slightly from 32 to 34 inches, as these are custom made in villages.
  • Available in brass or silver-tone

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