Phoenix Rising for Woolsey Fire Commemoration


Malibu Woolsey Fire 5 Year Commemorative Piece:
The Phoenix Rising Necklace


Malibu resident and Woolsey Fire survivor, Heather Gardner, has designed a Phoenix Rising Necklace as a commemorative piece to mark TODAY's 5 YEAR anniversary of the devastating Woolsey Fire, which significantly impacted Malibu and its surrounding areas.
THE PHOENIX, a legendary mythical creature, symbolizes a powerful story of renewal and resurgence. It emerges up from the ashes, representing hope, vitality, and the promise of brighter things to come.
The Phoenix Rising Necklace necklace serves as a symbol of resilience and recovery, encapsulating the spirit of a community that has demonstrated remarkable strength in the face of adversity. It stands as a reminder of the ability to emerge from the ashes and rebuild. It is a meaningful way to honor and remember this significant event and the spirit of those who weathered it.

Wearing this piece, may it serve as a source of empowerment, encouraging you to appreciate and commemorate the struggles and challenges you've faced, emerging from them as a more refined and resilient individual. May it instill hope, provide encouragement, and inspire a sense of anticipation for newfound strength when confronting adversity.