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Holiday Baking with Heather Gardner December 09 2013

Designer Heather Gardner doesn’t just have a great eye for jewelry, hand picking the most beautiful gemstones and creating new designs, she’s also a great hostess and avid baken the most recent issue of 90265 Malibu Life & Style magazine she shares her favorite Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti recipe and how she and her mother have a tradition of getting together right before the Holidays and bake all sorts of wonderful goodies. One of the most precious ways to spend time together!


My Latest "Do It Yourself" Project April 03 2013

Project: Jewelry Display Case


A few years back, my husband purchased an antique display case from our local thrift store... YES, there IS a thrift store in Malibu! :) It had tons of potential; with the great black paint and rusted corner metal pieces and knobs that you can see in the photo. The material on the inside was a aging blue velvet with dust all over it that was also piled up in the corners.

I realized that really the only things I needed were:

  • NAILS: Home Depot
  • CLEANING PRODUCTS/TOOLS: My cleaning drawer

I was able to bring the shine to this antique beauty.

Here is an image of the completed task... beautiful right? 

Late night at my home studio... April 29 2011

It's a quiet evening at my home studio... reflecting on the day, drinking Chamomile Tea from Trader Joes,scented candles, music's playing from my David Gray music list on Pandora... a little jewelry design and social networking.  The baby's asleep and husband is gone working late... a night to myself.  Life ain't that bad in Malibu, California.