Vanessa Hudgens' love for Heather Gardner jewelry goes back as far as 2010, when we first spotted the beautiful actress wearing our jewelry. We were excited to see her out and about again recently wearing our Petite Shark Tooth Necklace. That just proves our theory that a great piece of jewelry is a friend forever!

Heather Gardner Petite Shark Tooth Necklace


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  • Lita: June 11, 2015
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    So you are blaming the viitcms? Here are two other solutions. One is that we build usable security. That implies that the readers of this site do their jobs. Yes, it is difficult to build something that is secure and usable. The second solution is to target the blame for theft and invasion of privacy towards the thief and invader. Blaming the victim is not okay. Amanda Todd killed herself this week. She “let” someone take nude photos. She was shamed; just like you are shaming people here. Just think, she herself may have come here for security advice. Here are the experts, maybe they could help! If so, she would have found shaming and bullying instead. Jessica Logan killed herself. She trusted her boyfriend so much she let him take her pictures. She was shamed, teased and bullied. And you pile on, “Shame on you stupid!”. But she was already famously dead of shame and self-loathing when you published this, so you know she did not read it. Graham, you and most of the commenters here are part of the problem. You are shaming girls by blaming them for trusted and being betrayed. The shame is all yours. I am sure few teenage girls answered the survey but that does not mean they never end up here. Stop bullying. Stop shaming women for the bad behavior of men with images or cameras. Stand up for viitcms, not for bullies. Step back, then think about where you actually want to stand. I suspect you are a far better than this column.

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