With summer just around the corner, we are very excited about all the latest fashion trends and, most of all, pairing Heather Gardner jewels with our favorite summer looks.

Those of you that follow us on Pinterest and Facebook know we like to have fun with 'styled looks', as we like to call them, every week because we hope they will inspire you as much as they do us!

(And if you didn't know about this, start following us today!)

We have selected four of our favorite looks for you to wear our jewelry with this summer. To shop the entire summer '14 collection, click here!

Enjoy and have a beautiful summer!

Heather Gardner Turquoise Spike Choker Necklace

Heather Gardner Signature Feather Earrings

Heather Gardner Dorado Crystal Necklace

Heather Gardner Urban Cowgirl Necklace





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