We here at the Heather Gardner design studio are extremely excited about our new jewelry line Native Wanderer.  

'I'm born to be wild, a free spirit, a wanderer if you will.  With an obsession for freedom.'  - Author Unknown

Designer Heather Gardner fashions the raw elements of our earth into a chic jewelry line representing all that our native lands offer us to behold as we explore, wander and gather from it's bounty.

Our upcoming photo shoot is set for the end of April and we will be posting images from that photo shoot soon!

We have an amazing staff that will be working with us - a powerhouse husband and wife team:

Photographer Robb Gordon: check out his award winning photographs here: http://robbaarongordon.com/
Stylist: Amy Stuart Gordon

Here are the inspiration boards for the photo shoot.  Enjoy and may they bring you inspiration as they have to us. xo


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