World renowned photographer, Paul de Luna, captures Heather Gardner jewelry

paul de luna heather gardner jewelry

Native Southern Californian Paul de Luna photographed Heather Gardner in a photo shoot for an international publication of WestEast Magazine recently.  The photo above features a 16 inch black tourmaline necklace layered with our most popular Swarovski Crystal 40 inch layer necklace.  The photo below features the 5 Layer Bohemian Necklace, which is the best selling necklace from our Bohemian Collection.  Both images were taken in Malibu, CA.

paul de luna photography

Paul de Luna has an amazing eye for photography.  He captures the essence of the true beauty that is woman; from fashion photography to beauty and lingerie images.  As I paged through his website, I was continually impressed with his alluring style.  I quickly wanted to be every woman in every photo because of how mysteriously beautiful he made them look- or at least have a chance at being photographed by him. :)  For now, I'll continue to enjoy being me, and be thankful that I had the honor of having my jewelry designs set in by stylist Sybil Steele in his photographs. 

paul de luna bio photoHere is a quote from his website: "Paul’s work is cinematic blended with a distinct metaphoric narrative, often tinged with bittersweet nostalgia for the past, present, and future.  His images shun superficiality and pretension, preferring instead to highlight the natural beauty and sublime femininity of his subjects.  To express this he creatively exploits natural or environmental light with a minimal reliance on digital alteration."

Thank you Paul, for allowing us to appreciate the world through your eyes.  We hope our paths will cross again in the future...


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