Prophetik Fashion Show: Models wear Tiger Lily jewelry

Prophetik clothingThis past Saturday, Prophetik clothing, by Jeff Garner, hosted a fashion show charity event for "Equine Destiny."   Under a starlit sky, models strutted down the hay bale catwalk in the midst of a horse coral, and were garnished in Heather Gardner's most popular designs... check out the slideshow below.  Photos were taken by Michael Gardner.

Heather poses with Prophetik's Jeff Garner backstage at the event.Held at a horse ranch nestled in the hills of Malibu, the fashion show featured designs from Garner's latest "Shipwrecked Collection." There was also a silent auction and viewing of the documentary Equine Destiny, which exposes the slaughtering, abuse, and neglect of horses in America.  (View the official trailer for the movie below)

Jeff Garner says this about his eco-friendly line:

"The Sustainable Journey: A meaningful analysis and evaluation of any product's relationship to the environment must include a broad array of criteria including low-impact production, low-impact maintenance, and its classification as recyclable, reusable or incineratable. Primary considerations are low impact on plant and animal life, conservation of limited resources, and waste minimization..."

On September 25th, 2009, CNN's featured on Jeff Garner:  "CNN's Zain Verjee talks to an eco-fashion designer who dresses the stars all while being friendly to the environment."



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