heather gardner jewelry designerI always wanted to be a stay-at-home mother...  Leaving my high school history teaching postition at Malibu High School to become a full time jewelry designer has allowed me to achieve that dream.

Although it isn't always easy, working at home with my little Dakota is the most rewarding experience!  He is a joy to be with and I am so happy that I am not missing out on those little moments throughout the day where he looks up at me and smiles, giggles as he watches our dog Rufus, or I am able to take a break from making jewelry to smother him with kisses...

heather gardner working on jewelry with baby hawk carrierOne day, Dakota was being a bit fussy, so I put him in my favorite custom designed baby wrap, by Baby Hawk.  I had been working on my Bohemian Base Metal Necklaces, and continued to do so with him cuddled into my chest.  All of the sudden, he yawned, and I said, "Sweetheart, why don't you put your head down and take a nap?"  Within seconds, his head was on my chest and he was conked out. :)

It was a day I will always remember... singing along with my favorite music on the IPOD, making jewelry, and listening to the sweet breaths of my little man nestled into my body.  What a blessing! 

Here is a photo of us from that day...



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