boca boutique This past Tuesday I went to visit one of my best selling boutiques, Boca, in the Pacific Palisades.  For those of you who have no idea where this quaint, well-hidden town is, take Sunset up from Pacific Coast Highway... and voila!

If you ever make it up either on your way to Malibu or Santa Monica, I'd recommend Cafe Vida for a fantastic healthful meal, and of course, a look inside Boca.  There is both a men and women's store, so if you happen to be with your significant other, they will be well taken care of as well!

After an incredible breakfast with Gabrielle Reece's stylist at Cafe Vida, I met with Danielle, the buyer of the women's store.  As always, it was a pleasure to see the sales girls- they are so beautiful with their California style and big smiles to welcome me. 

heather gardner new jewelryAs I took out my new designs for Danielle and the girls to look through, we tried on necklaces and discussed Spring and Summer fashions.  And, as the time passed, I was again reminded of the reason why I am so proud to have my jewelry in this boutique... not only are the fashions top notch, but the VIP treatment given to everyone walking through the door is commendable and appreciated.

heather gardner jewelry styled on dressFor the past six months, Boca has been literally selling out of Tiger Lily's Bohemian Base Metal Layer Necklaces... the copper, brass, and silver six layer necklace as well as both silver and gold five and three layer necklaces.  They are a must have for their clientele and are being purchased as gifts as well.  Don't worry... the Bohemian necklaces will continue to stock their shelves!

As I packed up to leave, I mentioned that it was time to go, but that I'd love to stay and hang out all day... the feeling was mutual... but motherhood and responsibility was calling.  This day definitely did not feel like work- thanks to the girls of Boca!

Be sure to go in and check out all that they have to offer.

Latifeh, Danielle, myself, and Misty

Latifeh, Danielle, myself, and Misty


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