One of the life essentials for me as the designer for Heather Gardner jewelry is inspiration.  It is key to the foundation of my business, and why I began to design jewelry in the first place.

What in your life brings you inspiration?  I believe that not only is this  a "must have" in your life if you have a creative occupation, but it is vital for living a healthful and whole life that is abundant and joyful.  So then, are you being inspired enough?

My favorite trail in MalibuOne of my key forms of inspiration is nature.  I have always lived around the ocean or out in the country, so I have been blessed to be able to see the natural beauty of this world as I go throughout everyday of my life; I make it a priority.  It is my one of my main sources of inspiration.  From workouts on trails or on the beach, to adventures with my son, husband, or favorite girlfriends, California has never let me down!    Just yesterday I went for a hike with my friend Gabby and our two boys in the joggers... amazing oaks and a stream that led us to a waterfall!  (All of this in Malibu- yes!)

Another form of inspiration is fellowship.  Spiritual and emotional wellbeing is so important for living a fulfilled life, and I make sure that I am surrounded by people that fertilize the soil of my heart...

Nooni Chicane Hobo bag; Color: GlamFor the last few weeks, I have been making some critical decisions for Tiger Lily, and needed a friend and mentor to talk with.  So, I called up one of my favorite ladies, Vicki, owner of Nooni Bags.  As a car designer turned handbag designer, she has given me a perspective on what I do that has encouraged me in both challenging and successful times.  The other night, she came over after Dakota had gone to bed.  We talked business for 3 hours straight and ended up brainstorming and coming up with some new inspirations for our businesses.  What a blessing to have a friend in the same type of business that we can be there for each other.  . I went to bed feeling enriched and inspired!

Today I am leaving for a girls trip with one of the most treasured friends of my life.  We are taking off and dropping off my little one with his grandparents and are heading to some of my favorite places of inspiration on the Central Coast (my old home). 

My old home; Shell BeachTo name just a few that I would recommend for you to check out if you are ever heading up the coast of California:  Cafe Luna coffee shop and Botanik nursery and interior design in Summerland, Butterfly Beach & the Four Season's ocean view dining in Montecito, Sunstone and Fess Parker-my favorite of the vineyards in Santa Ynez and Los Olivos, a walk or run down Pismo's endless flat beach with epic cliffs, Avila Beach's trails to secret restaurants, Linnaeas Coffee Shop and Big Sky cafe in San Luis Obispo, coffee along the cliffs of Shell Beach... vineyard exploring in Paso Robles, and of course, the most beautiful drive up the coast to Cambria and my favorite lunch spot:  Robins.  Oh... I'm feeling inspired just writing this and so excited for the trip I am about to take.

I'm looking forward to coming home Sunday evening feeling rested and ready to set out on more adventures with my family and of course, Heather Gardner jewelry!  Go out this weekend and enjoy what inspires you... and if you don't have anything that you have on your list for inspiration- go out and find it!

Many blessings and happy weekend,



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