Keeping up with... Kourtney Kardashian in Tiger Lily jewelry

In the last two minutes of the episode, Dash No More, Kourtney arrives at Kim's house with Scott and a tailor to fit a suit for Bruce...

Koutrney, Kim, and their beautiful mother discuss the existance of Dash as the boys fit the suit up in Kim's bedroom.  It's hard to miss Kourtney's beautiful Tiger Lily jewels- she's wearing 4 of them all at once.  Check these photos:


So, what is she wearing?

From our Bohemian Collection:

Check them out on our website (left to right):

Triple Layer Large Crystal Ethiopian Necklace in Silver Turquoise Crystal

Five Layer Petite Crystal Ethipopian Necklace in Gold Black Diamond Crystal

Mixed Metal Ethiopian Necklace

Large Ethiopian Single Strand Necklace in Silver


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