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One of the most inspiring work of poetic and thoughtful literature we are digging into on a regular basis at Heather Gardner is from Darling Magazine, The Art of Being a Woman.

The latest Issue No.6 has some captivating and thought provoking words that consistently challenge us as women to take hold of truth for our lives, to take time to be intentional, and to invest in our own wellbeing because we are worth it and the world needs each and every one of us.

Here are some of the gems we have found and hope bring new purpose and inspiration to your own life:

Exerpt fromYong Ok,  page 33
“I EMBARK on this mission to do good work
to repair this BROKEN world…
Join hands, my sisters
Lock arms
Hold on tight
Are YOU ready?
To climb this mountain together
To SET FIRE to this frozen world and MELT away
The coldness from EACH heart”

From Be Still by Bailey Wright, page 23
“True rest is possible- deep soul rest- the type that FLOODS the deepest part of you with a feeling of ULTIMATE security that nothing and NO ONE can shake.”

From Sacred Spaces by Maggie Forsythe, pages 30-31
“We are not HUMAN beings having a spiritual experience; we are SPIRITUAL beings having a human experience.”

“There is something in me more REAL, more TRUE to my essence than my very skin.”

“If we human beings have such extraordinary capacity to create something beautiful, WHAT am I building with MY life?
Do the thoughts I allow and the CHOICES I make build or tear down?
create a HAVEN or a prison?
Is my architect the voice of popular culture
whose blueprint produces imprisoned cookie cutter souls,
or will I let my unique DNA speak of who I WAS CREATED to be,
and, like Michelangelo, SEE the angel in the marble and CARVE until it’s free.”

From The Ripple Effect by Nicole Ziza Bauer, page 82
“True beauty DISASSEMBLES the hierarchy of WORTH, embracing all women- from the curvaceous to the rail-thin.
True beauty reads magazines not to criticize or compare, but instead CHOOSES ones that educate and inform, thereby encouraging herself and THOSE she loves.
True beauty doesn’t vilify every film, blog or social media outlet, but she’s DISCERNING when it comes to what shapes her BASIS OF TRUTH and what VOICES are dominant in her heart…
True beauty opens the dialogue, SINCERELY asking, ‘What am I allowing into my life? What is the result pouring out?’
Above all, true beauty PRACTICES thankfulness, knowing it’s gratitude that strengthens our VULNERABILITIES and hushes those whispers of self-doubt.”

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