Shark Week August 07 2013

In honor of Shark Week this week, we thought now would be a good time to celebrate the shark tooth pieces in the Heather Gardner collection!

Situated along the beautiful California coast line and with the Channel Islands nearby, Malibu certainly has its share of sharks in its Pacific Waters! And the ever-present Malibu surf culture has created a special bond between man and the elements here. Heather Gardner jewelry has always been inspired by nature and the beautiful scenery that surrounds us and our Shark Tooth necklaces are some of our most popular necklaces.

Always a celebrity favorite, check out the various Shark Tooth pieces Heather Gardner has in her collection!


Heather Gardner Gunmetal Shark Tooth Necklace & Golden Sunset Shark Tooth Necklace

Heather Gardner Baby Shark Tooth Earrings & Petite Shark Tooth Necklace