Triple Layer Victoria Chain Ethiopian Necklace



This piece consists of the exact same materials as our 5 Layer Victoria Chain Ethiopian Necklace, but with two less Ethiopian layers.  For those of you who prefer a more petite or simple look to how you wear your jewelry, this necklace is one of the most dainty from this collection.


  • Many love the Ethiopian layer look, however, they may not be into the crystal layer.  The sparkling Victoria Chain gives a less formal look and really goes with anything- from a sundress and flats to a sexy top and your favorite jeans- this necklace is a great choice.   Also, your wardrobe isn't limited to a specific crystal color in the necklace, as the chain is the same color as the Ethiopian layers.


  • Triple layered necklace includes two base metal necklaces imported from Ethiopia and a layer of our gold or rhodium plated Victoria Chain
  • Accessories are gold-filled or sterling silver
  • The lengths of the layers are hand selected by Heather Gardner, and a unique leather wrap holds the layers together
  • Available in Brass/Gold, Silver-tone/Silver, and Copper/Rose Gold

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