Agate Wood Bead Necklace



We love this beaded necklace!!! The agate has become one of our favorite stones and we love how the design looks in different colored stones. See the images for color options.


  • Depending on the color you select, this necklace will look amazing as a statement piece whether you are wanting a more casual look or chic.
  • It's a necklace for any occasion- head down to the beach or museum with it, but be careful not to get too active or get too crazy on the dance floor with this one!
  • We love to wear this piece alone as a statement necklace- choose a neutral or white tank or blouse and your favorite skirt, cut offs, or boyfriend jeans and wedges and you are all set.


  • 36" long necklace with African grey wood beads
  • The agate is 24K gold wrapped and comes in numerous color options:  Fuchsia, Sand, Midnight Blue, Violet, and Emerald (shown in our Instagram "Style of the Day" images
  • The agates are 2 1/2" to 3" long
  • Each agate is hand selected by designer Heather Gardner for upmost quality and beauty
  • The grey beads are African, and accents are gold-filled and pyrite

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